Be together, eat, drink, dance, win, celebrate, enjoy, taste and relax. 

At Neko Jusu, we are always looking for new happenings and daring get-togethers.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to a range of exciting culinary experiences. 

Hang out at our onigiri bar, feel chummy at our house restaurant, or want us to come up with a fitting concept for your event?

Here’s what we can do!


Picture on a Bottle

The ultimate party souvenir: a customised bottle of Neko Jusu with your own picture on the label. How does it work? Have your picture taken, give us your logo or your personal message and we’ll print it on the spot. Boom. Your very own message on a bottle.



Neko Jusu Kakigori is not your average shaved ice. It’s made with our lemonade and topped with coconut milk, matcha whipped cream, fresh fruits and condensed milk. This makes it a healthy alternative to the regular shaved ice known in the Netherlands. Doesn’t mean it’s not as good though!



As normal as a boterham met kaas in the Netherlands, onigiri is a rice snack that is commonly eaten in Japan. Our very own Camille makes the best onigiri you’ve ever had! Bonus: they go really well with Neko Jusu. 



Craving some juice with booze? We’ve got you covered. Neko Jusu is a great base for a punch and we have the best recipes. We can supply a big jar of bespoke punch for your event.



House restaurant


Do you wanna come over for dinner? We regularly host our very own Neko-Jusu-House-Restaurant. Every edition has a unique guest-chef or a special location. And you’re invited! Make sure you quickly reserve a spot at the table, because we have limited spots.

Let your creative juices flow



The list goes on. We are always looking to make custom designs, unique flavours, special cocktails or new concepts. Hit us up and who knows what we can come up with!